ForMeds® is a Polish company, founded in 2012. Since the very the beginning we have specialised in the production of dietary supplements without chemical additives.

The dietary supplements are offered in innovative forms, which made it possible to exclude synthetic additives typical for tablets, such as: fillers, anti-caking agents, dyes, sweeteners, plasticisers, thickeners, binding agents and disintegrants. The products' shelf life is assured not by preservatives, but properly selected ingredients and sealed packaging.

Offering dietary supplements of the highest quality is the company's top priority. Natural ingredietns and the lack of additional chemical substances are absolutely vital. Our recipes and dietary supplements are easily bioavailable and meet the needs of our customers. We also make sure that the combined vitamins are not mutually exclusive.

The development of a new recipe and each stage of testing is subject to strict control. We have a qualified team of experienced specialists.

Manufacturing process is very restricted and compliant with HACCP norms. We use modern production lines to guarantee best quality.

The ingredients of dietary supplements are raw materials of the highest quality provided by reputable suppliers.

All ForMeds® dietary suplements are listed in the Chief Sanitary Inspectorate’s Registry and in the Medicine and Healthcare Product Databse.